• Flea and tick infestations are not only an uncomfortable condition, they can also be a risk to your dog’s health. Give your small dog the protection they need with Advantix!Water-resistant and easy-to-apply, Advantix 0-4kg is a topical flea and tick treatment that’s designed to be applied once a month. Made to stop fleas feeding in just 3-5 minutes for fast relief, this formula also kills and repels sandflies, lice, mosquitos and ticks, including paralysis ticks.

    The formula also works to reduce the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) and kills larval fleas in your dog’s surroundings.

    For protection against paralysis ticks, apply once every 2 weeks.

    • Suitable for puppies and small breed dogs under 4kgs
    • 4-week protection from sandflies, mosquitos, and fleas
    • Lice control for 6 weeks
    • Paralysis tick protection for 2 weeks