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Pet Wellness and Consultations

We believe that every animal that we see requires a thorough examination. Regular examinations are an integral part of your pet health care. We recommend, regardless of whether doing a vaccination or not, that all pets undergo a complete examination at least once a year! More serious conditions like heart failure or chronic kidney failure should of course be seen more frequently as advised by your veterinarian.

A complete exam helps us detect and therefore treat medical problems early on before they become more severe, affect the health of the animal, cause a deterioration in your pets overall quality of life and become more expensive to treat and manage. 

The most important part of your visit to a veterinarian is the history you can give and the examination that is undertaken. All of the high-tech tests that can be carried out are always guided by this first consultation.

Just as more and more people are getting proactive about their own healthcare, so it is with pets. We offer the following life stage health check-ups for your pet

Advanced Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Victory Animal Hospital provides an exhaustive range of surgical options. 

We have two separate, fully equipped surgical suites that enable us to separate “Clean” surgery – such as neutering, intra-abdominal and intrathoracic surgery; and “Dirty” surgery  – such as infected wounds or abscesses ,and dental procedures.

Below is a summary of some of the Surgical procedures we offer at Victory

Soft tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Cruciate Repair               :           CBLO, Extra-capsular Liga Fiba, TTA.

Fracture Repair               :           Bone plating / Circular Ex-fix / Pinning etc.

General Surgery              :           Cholecystectomy, Cystotomy, Splenectomy

Ophthalmological           :           Pedicle Flap, Diamond Burr, 3rd Eyelid flap

Oral Surgery                     :           Mandibulectomy, Dentistry with oral mass removal.

Oncological Surgery      :           Liver lobectomy, Enterectomy, Lung lobectomy.

Skin                                       :           Cutaneous Flap Surgery.

Spinal Surgery                  :           IVDD, Fracture fixation.

Urogenital                          :           Ureteral repairs, Nephrectomy, Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass Placement (SUB).

Patella Groove Replacement with a CBLO

Lung Lobectomy and Chest Drain Placement

Complicated Fracture Fixation

Cora Based Levelling Osteotomy (CBLO)

SUB placement

Advanced Medicine and Diagnostics

Victory has an experienced team of veterinarians that have conquered many feline and canine diseases over the years. Dr Ryan has post graduate degrees in medicine and diagnostic imaging, and leads the medical and diagnostics team, but, the strength of the Victory’s medicine lies in it’s teamwork, almost every case is managed as a team, discussing potential differentials and harnessing the special interests of the individuals resulting in the best outcome for the pet and family.

 As advanced generalist’s having studied and worked intensively in many fields of veterinary healthcare, we appreciate bringing all of our knowledge into practice every day. At VAH we are happiest when combining our skill sets, whether that be medicine and surgery or ultrasound and medicine etc. the ultimate reward is having a healthy pet at the end of the work day. 

Below is a beautiful case where the videos do not do the lovely furbaby justice. Dai Fan Shu, came to us collapsed and septic as a result of a resistant infection in her ulcerated oozing skin, she fought very hard and tolerated many different medicines and baths, ultimately we got her through the medical collapse and diagnosed her with hypothyroidism and skin allergies, which likely predisposed her developing recurrent skin infections and thus the resistant bacterial infections, you can see more about here on our facebook or instagram pages. 

  Below are 2 videos of Dai Fan Shu taken 3 weeks apart:


Minimally Invasive Surgery

In general, minimally invasive surgery is associated with less pain, a shorter hospital stay and fewer complications. Laparoscopy — surgery done through one or more small incisions, using small tubes and tiny cameras and surgical instruments — was one of the first types of minimally invasive surgery


Endoscopy is a procedure whereby doctors pass a thin flexible scope through a natural opening to examine the organs. Victory Animal Hospital has a Olympus endoscopy suite that allows us to provide detailed examination and perform variety of diagnostic procedures of multiple organs with minimal to no surgical wounds. With this we can perform foreign body removals, biopsies, BAL, cultures and even cancer debridement depending on the case presentation.


Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive procedure whereby small scopes are passed into the joint of an animal through a small surgical wound or wounds to perform a variety of surgical techniques. The small wound size and rapid recovery is highly appealing - however not all procedures can be done using arthroscopy. Victory Animal Hospital has a Stryker Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Suite to allow us to provide these services where required.


Victory Animal Hospital has been providing advanced cardiology examinations including clinical examination, echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart), thoracic radiology, blood pressure and electrocardiogram (ECG) for many years. We do not have a specialist cardiologist but we do have doctors with a special interest in cardiology and many years of managing these complicated cases.

We have invested in the latest ultrasound machine of the highest quality to enable us to continue to provide the very best in diagnostics in cardiology and allows us to do examinations including colour-flow doppler, pulse-wave doppler, continuous-wave doppler, B-mode and M-mode measurements.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging is a vital component of successful diagnosis and treatment of many conditions and diseases of animals. Victory Animal Hospital endeavours to provide the latest, most advanced modalities to help us provide the clearest diagnosis and best treatment possible for your pet.

Diagnostic imaging is required in all veterinary fields, not only to provide diagnosis and prognosis but also to allow us to assess procedures and continually monitor the progress of treatment in our effort to provide the highest standard of service.

Other Services Provided