Our Purpose

To create a thriving community where every pet receives exceptional care, and their owners feel confident and empowered in providing a fulfilling and healthy life for their beloved companions. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and personalized service, we strive to become the foremost veterinary practice in Hong Kong, serving as a trusted advocate for the well-being of all animals.

Experienced Professional
Veterinary Team

With more than 60 years of experience in one team, the Victory Team is in it’s prime, delivering quality care and services better than ever before. 



We aim to put the CARE back into Veterinary CARE, driving both veterinary health awareness as well as client focused cost saving initiatives and programs, we will find a way to make high quality care affordable.

Our values

Integrity, Mindfulness, Professionalism, Excellence, Togetherness

The Pillars on which Victory will build it’s future and the basis on which we will strive to serve and treat every client and patient!


Meet the Victory team

Dr. Owen Swan
BVSc (Pret)
Director and Head of Surgery
As Director at Victory Animal Hospital for over 20 years, Dr Owen has extensive surgical experience, including spinal, orthopaedic and oncological surgery. Dr Owen is also the HKVA president and as such drives practice standards throughout the veterinary community in Hong Kong.
Dr. Alicia Yau Jia Hui
BVSc (Hons)
General Practitioner
Dr Alicia is a new graduate from Hong Kong very own City University. She has a passion for medicine and ultrasonography. She is looking to build on her knowledge in order to provide the best clinical care for her patients!
Dr Ryan Moralee
BSC BVSC (Hons) (Pret)
Director and Head of Primary Care
Dr. Ryan joined our team in 2021 with 12 years of veterinary experience - 7 of those have been in Hong Kong, and 2 of them being at our very own Victory Animal Hospital! Dr Ryan has post graduate degrees in medicine and diagnostic imaging, and is passionate about all facets of patient care
Dr. Gabrielle Ho Yick Hey
BVSc (Hons)
General Practitioner
Dr. Gabrielle has a passion for surgery and ultrasonography and is also a new graduate from City U. She brings with her youthful exuberance and motivation to practice at the highest level possible.
Dr. Roy Drew
BVSC (Pret)
Cardiology and General Practitioner
Before moving to Hong Kong in 2002, Dr. Roy gained experience in South Africa and England. He joined our team at Victory Animal Hospital in 2005 and hasn't looked back. Excelling in Cardiology and geriatric medicine, Dr Roy has been fundamental in creating the standards for VAH.
Who is next??
Victory is looking to expand our Nursing Team,
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What Adds To Your Value By Using Us…

Advanced Surgery

From Complex Fractures to Plastic Surgery , From Spinal Surgery to Removing Large Cancers, From Cruciate Repairs to Caesarian Section, there is very little we cannot do well.

Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced equipment, such as endoscopy, ultrasound, arthroscopy and access to MRI/ CT facilities. This enables us to give the clearest diagnosis and best treatment plan.

Advanced Medicine and Diagnostics

Whether it be extending their quality of life, or managing them as intensive care patients or helping with problems that no one else would choose to or could assist with, at Victory, we will always rise to the occasion.

Cardiology Examinations

Echocardiography, or ultrasound of the heart, has been performed at Victory for many years, we have extensive experience in managing cats and dogs with heart disease and are happy to receive referrals on request.

Basic Surgery

Our surgeons have extensive experience in desexing procedures, small lumpectomies and dental surgery. If there are any enquiries please do not hesitate to give us a call.

24 hour Animal Hospitalization

Our round the clock care is delivered by our veterinary technicians. If your furbaby deteriorates the technicians will call a veterinarian and some adjustments to treatment can be made under the guidance of our veterinarians.

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We will strive to provide the highest quality service for you and your beloved furbabies!

Blk B, 1/F., Chung Yuen Mansion, No. 71B Waterloo Road,
Kowloon Hong Kong,
(Front Entrance No 2 Emma Avenue)

Tel : +852 2711 0332
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E-mail : info@victoryanimalhospital.com



Hospital Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday, including Public or Statutory Holidays 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Ask Us Anything

Any major brand of pet food is fine. Dry versus wet depends on what the owner and the pet prefer, You should feed puppy or kitten food for the first year and then switch to an adult food.

For a healthy pet, vaccinations should be started at 6 weeks of age and given every three weeks until the pet is 4 months old.

Poor pet dental hygiene can cause gum disease and that makes dogs and cats more prone to heart and kidney disease. A professional dental cleaning under anesthesia will remove plaque and tartar. Regular brushing will keep the tartar from coming back.

The Vets at Victory Animal Hospital of course!