Dr. Roy Drew

Dr Roy has been a constant for Victory Animal Hospital over the last 17 years, his extensive knowledge in cardiology, medicine and ophthalmology has improved patient care and inspired his colleagues to develop further. He was fortunate to spend time under Dr Bussadori, a world renowned veterinary and pediatric cardiologist, learning the finer details of echocardiography and cardiology.

Dr Roy is meticulous in his case management and client care, often explaining in depth the complexities of each case he manage.

His interests in veterinary science include soft tissue, especially abdominal and oncological surgery, and ultrasonography especially cardiac ultrasound in which he is has been undergoing further training with Dr Paul Brazzell for three years and intensive training with Prof. Claudio Bussadori a world reknowned cadiologist and cardiac surgeon.

Dr. Roy spends his spare time outdoors playing golf, rugby and kayaking and enjoys travelling all over the world to further his passions for these activities.

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